The idea of Cambridge Park Football Club was conceived in 1968, at the time most of the boys of the area played for Londonderry but trained at Cambridge Park. As a result of a meeting of Messrs. K Smith, B Whiticker, E Wilson, K Ramsay, J Newton, N Weekes and Mrs K McDonald, it was decided to call a public meeting with a view of forming a Football Club.

Foundation Meeting
16th August 1968

Committee Members
President: Mr B Whiticker
Vice Presidents: Mr T Winders, Mr R Nielson & Mr J Elliot
Secretary: Mr M Morrisey
Assistant Secretary: Mr J Bailey
Treasurer: Mr J Smith (Died whilst in office) Mr W Lyon
Assistant Treasurer: Mrs K McDonald (who also acted as Assistant Secretary)

Original Patrons
Mr R Allsop, Mr R Gill, Mr E Cullen, Mr K Laing, Mr K Murray, Mr C Brandt, Mr W Whiticker, Mr N East, Mr D Fitzgerald, Dr Kuncliffe, Mr F Miller, Mr J Carvin, Mr W A Lyon, Mr M Cartwright, Mr I Crawford, Mr W Simpson & Mr S Wood

General Committee
Mr K Smith, Mr G Volkiene, Mr K Ramsay, Mr E Wilson, Mr J Queely (Resigned), Mr K Foley, Mr J Craig (Resigned), Mr L Horner, Mr D Grice, Mr D Carter, Mr W Sheargold, Mr P Strong (Resigned), Mr J Newton, Mr S Hobday (Resigned), Mr M Hazell, Mr R Hayllar, Mr R Wiggins, Mr L Wilkinson, Mr W Perry, Mr L Priest, Mr J Lloyd & Mr B Hart.

Club Colours
Approved 30th August 1968: White, brown ‘V’ with brown saddle, brown shorts & brown socks with white tops

Club Emblem (Logo)
Approved 30th August 1968: Panther with initials C.P. underneath

Home Ground
Approved 7th November 1968: Cambridge Park Oval, Cambridge Park (Now known as Allsopp-Patterson Ovals)

Time Keeper
Mr B Hart